A love of the great music that Glenn Hughes has been involved or associated with over the past 40+ years brought us together. We formed in 2011 with the sole purpose of playing this wonderful music with energy and passion and performing a few lesser known tracks that we know you’re going to love.

Come taste the band...

Owen Davidson: Vocals and bass guitar
It all started with little me watching the TV and suffering the New Seekers. It was ok but then came on Steve Marriott. OMG! And then later that evening Jimi Hendrix appearing on the Lulu Show. And that was it. It was like puberty and losing my cherry behind the school bike sheds all at the same time.
Now I’ve grown up with the blues since childhood and regularly performed in church with my mother.
But, nothing prepared me for rock ‘n’ roll. I’ve played for many bands and artists in my lifetime (here and in the US). And I still have the desire to perform. I still listen to Patti Labelle and Janis Joplin.
And love playing with Black Country Community.

My gear:
Fender Jazz 70s Bass Guitar, Fender 50s Reissue Bass Guitar, Trace Elliot 600 Amplifier,
2x10 Upper Cabinet, 1x15 Lower Cabinet, Laney Nexus Tube Head, Ameson 2x15 Cabinet.

Ben Bicknell: Guitars
I started to play guitar at age 12, at the the time I was chasing a career in football but this soon changed as I realised my passion lay in music. I started going to local jam nights, playing tracks by The Shadows but my real love lay in blues. My hero is Gary Moore, this has been a massive influence on my playing. In later years Joe Bonamassa came to my attention and has also become a hero of mine. I am very happy to have found Black Country Community, I look forward to great times ahead.

My gear:
Marshall and a Les Paul! 'Nuff said

Jon Cooke: Keyboards
Well, I’m actually a classically trained pianist and have been tickling the ivories since the tender age of four. Influences during my formative years were wide and varied although I've always been a huge fan of rock music and particularly admired the playing styles of Freddie Mercury and Jon Lord. After leaving college, I spent almost a decade composing and recording jingles whilst working for an advertising agency producing TV commercials. More recently, I have taken up playing a handful of other instruments including guitar and blues harp.

My gear:
Korg Stage Vintage Piano
Hammond Clonewheel Organ and Neo Ventilator
Roland Synthesizer
Wharfedale Pro and Yamaha Monitors

Johnny Sequeira: Drums
I grew up listening to all sorts of music and first started playing the drums when I was 15. My early favourite drummers were Keith Moon, Phil Collins, Jaki Liebezeit, Hal Blaine, Elvin Jones, John Bonham, Clyde Stubblefield, Stewart Copeland, as well as many others. I’ve played in several bands in Birmingham over the years but sadly hung up my sticks a few years ago as work commitments got in the way but it's great to be behind the kit again.

My gear:
1970s Gretsch Silver Sparkle Drum Kit, 1970s Ludwig LM400 Snare, Sabian AAX Cymbals,
Vater 5A sticks, Converse All-Stars.